Hi! I'm Hemlock and OC's are my biggest interest. I love writing them and thinking about them. Just imagine a rotating cow gif and just spin it really fast.

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Please do note that most of my stories are for Mature audiences and contain triggering content and the like. I focus on themes of abuse, overcoming abuse, and general violence and gore. Stay safe everyone!

I will try to update this site as often as possible.

LAST UPDATED: April 4th, 2022.

Some Info

Most of my OCs are under a specific theme, usually supernatural creatures, furries, or themes of organized crime, or other unsavory occupations. I have a lot of ocs who I love with all my heart but I don't think of too often because of my major series. I don't plan on making any sort of comic for any of my stories, but I did write in nanowrimo 2021 and hit the goal of 50k words for the first book of OTM! It is still very much a draft and I mainly did it for fun and to see how well the universe would get turned into a full fledged story.

I'm Gonna be real the only stories I really focus on are OTM and LV. I do write other stories (see sidebar) but generally they're on the backburner and tend to be less developed. I love writing though. Wish I sat down and wrote for once.